Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Sleepyhead

Her name is Clarissa Herrera, she's my classmate and i want to call her today "The Sleepyhead". Well it's obvious that she's sleeping as shown in the picture, but there is a reason why i chose to blog about her today.

So as you can see she is sleeping but i wondered why, she's not always like this i mean i haven't seen her sleep in class ever before. This is the very first time i saw her sleep during class, why? because most of the time when she feels lazy or sleepy she cuts classes and goes somewhere or home. It's new to me that's why i chose her, i mean im not used to her sleeping in class LOL.

Before i take my second shot of her sleeping, she woke up and noticed that i was taking pictures of her while sleeping. Then I asked her why is she sleeping in class, and i told her it was my first time seeing her sleep in class because like what i said she cuts classes if she doesn't feel like attending to it. And so i asked her why is she sleeping and she said, "I feel so lazy to attend this class, i wanna cut classes and go straight home and sleep." then i said "I know! that's what you always do, so why are you here? sleeping?" and she answered "because I'm this close on being dropped". I laughed because she's so lazy LOL. I'm a guy but i'm not as lazy as her plus she's a girl. So yeah, i caught her sleeping and she said she can't have absences anymore in that class or else....see her next year. hahaha

She seriously caught my attention when she's sleeping. Its new to my eyes because i don't see her often in school because most the time she's absent or she's with her friends. LOL